구성원 사진

Patent Attorney, Hyoung-Taek PARK , majored in mechanical aerospace engineering, and is experienced in patent applications and IP consulting of domestic and overseas cases of big companies, research institutes, universities and small and medium sized companies. Due to his experience in development work at a research institute of a company before becoming a patent attorney, he can better understand the position of inventors during research and development than anyone else. His creed is to understand and be considerate to others by putting himself in other people's shoes, and he tries to put this into practice as much as he can. He is an athletic person who loves and is good at various types of sports.


Seoul National University, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
International Korean IP Training Academy

Professional experience

KASAN Patent & Law Firm
Jinyoung Precision Machine Co., Ltd.

Practice area

General machinery, precision machinery, semiconductor equipment,
robot, automobile parts, Nano equipment, air conditioning equipment,
refrigeration equipment, medical equipment, optical equipment
Patent, Design, Trademark, Trials and Litigation
Technology evaluation, technology transfer, technology commercialization consulting
Investigate technology, Patent portfolio
Patent strategy, Intellectual property consulting


KPAA (Korean Patent Attorney Association)